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    Built to Inspire

    Web design & development services that inspire visitors and grow
    your business.

    Achieve the speed, performance, leads and sales you desire while powerfully communicating your brand promise.

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    First Impressions Matter

    Build brand trust year-round through a robust online sales channel.

    Visitors assess your brand as soon as they land on your website.

    We create beautiful UI, write concise copy, develop customer-centric UX, drive mobile performance, and deliver high speed as standard.

    At Launch, we develop websites that effectively communicate, deliver exceptional user experience and drive growth.

    With a high performance website, you will:

    Enjoy increased visitors

    Deliver an exceptional user experience

    Receive more leads and sales

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    Web Development Services

    Your website should represent your brand
    and the depth of your value proposition.

    Landing Pages

    Create a landing page design that drives conversions.

    Create a focused standalone web page, specifically for a marketing or advertising campaign, to drive conversions. Land visitors from a single click of an email link, paid search campaign, ad, or social media post.

    Designed with a single focus, our call to action (CTA) will drive visitors to engage with your brand and increase conversion rates of your marketing campaigns.

    A successful landing page will:

    Drive conversions

    Provide concise information

    Lower the cost of acquisition

    Increase brand awareness

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    Mobile App Development

    Robust native and hybrid mobile app development to put your brand in the hands of your customers.

    Our team of experts deep dive into the wider market and customer profiles to understand the context of the wider segment, integrating your product with the needs of your users. Using the best tools and expertise, we deliver solid usability and performance directly to your users and value to your organization.

    A mobile app can help your business:

    Prototype fast and efficiently

    Bring research, design and prototyping into the DNA of your business and get your big idea off the ground.

    Build brand trust

    Deliver seamless experiences to your customers with great UI & UX design.

    Optimize performance

    Provide fast, responsive features with native or hybrid app development for increased performance.

    Create connections

    Increase distribution, by providing online and offline access to reach your customers wherever they are.

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    E-commerce Website Development

    Effortless growth for online retailers

    Fast, intelligent & exceptional E-commerce

    Our partnership with Visualsoft blends the power of an award-winning platform with outside-the-box creatives, dedicated developers and finger-on-the-pulse digital marketers. This means you don’t need to choose between platform or marketing for your online store. You can have it all.

    Benefits of working with Launch & Visualsoft:

    21 years experience

    1000+ Retailers powered by Visualsoft

    600+ Features and integrations

    £1.20 in every £100 spent online in the UK goes through the Visualsoft platform

    UI/UX Design Agency

    Using powerful insights to build the best solution
    for your business, market and end-users.

    UI Design

    User interface design is a critical element of any product.

    Give your website or app visitors an enhanced experience with a bold, informative and comfortable user interface design.

    Create seamless user interfaces that fulfill your brand positioning and business objectives.

    UX Design

    Analyse the market and user data to uncover bottlenecks in the product experience and identify opportunities to drive business impact.

    Implement a frictionless user journey within your website to provide visitors with a convenient user experience.

    Our Roadmap for Web Development

    Relationships with leading institutions and technology partners

    Frequently Asked Questions
    About Web Development

    Not quite. Web design and web development are two concepts that are used strategically alongside each other to develop a functioning website.

    In web design, the focus is on the front end of the website from the user's perspective and focuses on the visuals, user experience and user journey. Web development focuses on the back end of the website or what happens behind the scenes in order for the website to function in a certain way or have particular functionality.

    Our designers use a range of design software such as Adobe XD to first design wireframes to show our clients what the website will look like, once the design is approved it is then passed to our developers to build a fully functioning website.

    At Launch, we work with a broad range of sectors and industries including B2B, B2C and D2C business models across several industries such as fintech, digital brands, government and public sectors, nonprofits and e-commerce.

    We work with our clients to understand why they need a website and its purpose for their business. Common objectives are generating leads or sales, helping with customer service or a tool for resources and information.

    Depending on your requirements we can offer a solution to help achieve your business goals, provide a better user experience for your visitors and market your products and services better, ultimately increasing your profitability.

    The time taken to build a website depends solely on the type of website you aim to develop.

    Typically, it would take approximately 25 - 50 days to build a standard website, however, factors such as content development and internal client approvals can extend a project.

    Our web designers and developers work with a variety of web development tools for both front-end and back-end development to deliver the best results to our clients.

    Some of these tools are:
    - WordPress
    - Filezilla
    - Adobe XD