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    Build Real Relationships

    Game changing social media marketing services that drive your audience to follow and engage with your brand.

    Build real relationships with your audience and become their number one preference.

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    Differentiate your brand with authentic interactions and meaningful engagement.

    Cut through the noise and energize your audience with our comprehensive social media services across organic social, paid social, creative content and influencer marketing.

    Integrate a multi-channel social media strategy and content strategy with engaging digital assets, and leave your competitors behind.

    Launch provides social media marketing expertise, to engage fans around offers, activate a launch or drive leads.

    With an authentic presence across your social media channels, you will:

    Get closer to your audience

    Build a loyal customer base for life

    Establish a robust brand identity

    Total Influencer Followers

    Total Audience Reach

    Total Audience Views & Impressions

    Engagement / Post


    “We chose an influencer marketing campaign to launch our new brand as it gave us reach with a very select community of active consumers.”


    Social Media Marketing

    Engage with your customers across
    multiple social media channels.

    Raise your social media game with our supporting social media services, giving you a deeper understanding of your market.

    Step up your social media game across each stage of your marketing funnel, with our range of social media marketing services.

    Social Media Analytics & Reporting

    Use data and market specific analytics to drive valuable insights and make informed decisions.

    Social Media Competitor Analysis

    Understand your market, trends, and your competitors’ activity to evaluate your next move.

    Social Listening

    Thousands of conversations are happening across social media channels. Discover brand mentions and conversations that are relevant to your business.

    Social Media Content Strategy

    Your content communicates your brand proposition. A solid strategy is your only success factor.

    Live Events

    Broadcast live coverage of your face-to-face events across social media channels, to bring your physical and digital audiences together.

    Influencer Marketing

    Influencer Marketing that authentically advocates for your business

    Build a relationship between your brand and content creators locally and internationally to influence and scale your brand growth.

    Influencers who are trusted, reliable, relevant, and creative have a direct social impact on their community. No matter the size of the business, influencers drive social media growth by assuring the desired target market receives your message.

    An influencer marketing campaign should:

    Increase brand reach and traffic

    Build brand authority, credibility and trust

    Drive purchase decisions

    Generate leads

    The steps we take to organically drive awareness and engagement across your social media marketing.

    Relationships with leading institutions and technology partners

    Frequently Asked Questions
    About Social Media Marketing.

    A thorough social media strategy can enhance the image of your business by communicating directly to your audience, to drive connections. Creating on-brand content is crucial for your social media marketing. A strong social media marketing agency will provide you with the right tools, resources and expertise to lift your brand online and deliver your message.

    At Launch, our professional social media marketing team will integrate with your business to achieve your online marketing goals, allowing you to focus on growing your business. As an extension of your team, we manage the day-to-day operations of your social channels, so you get the time back to focus elsewhere.

    In today’s digital world, technology has become ubiquitous. Social media has become one of the most successful channels for exposure, awareness and reach. Not only does social showcase your brand and deliver key messaging, the channel also enables you identify the relevant audience for your message. Social media provides a platform to communicate directly with your audience and allows you to understand their needs and behaviour.

    Paid social ads are one of the most effective ways of advertising a brand across the different stages of the marketing funnel. Paid media boosts your brand awareness, increases recognition, audience engagement, and leads to conversions. It assures that your business pops in the right target audience’s feed, that your ads deliver the right message that suits your brand stage in the funnel alongside your customer's mindset and motive. A successful paid media strategy has to be aligned with your organic content on social media and amplify it.

    Influencer marketing can increase reach and engagement. Influencers who advocate a specific brand or service to their audience, provide increased opportunities for your target audience to interact with your brand.