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    Virtual & Hybrid Events

    Digital Event Production that engages attendees wherever they are.

    Harness industry-leading virtual event technology to activate your virtual event marketing strategy and reach your audience virtually.

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    Choose a Digital Event Agency in Abu Dhabi with proven experience delivering digital events for corporates and governments.

    COVID-19 changed the way organizations and stakeholders interact. We now have new
    channels to leverage, opening conversations globally, enabling a deeper dialogue with audiences wherever they are.

    Produce a virtual event that your attendees value and you will:

    Empower your audience

    Connect with virtual and physical audiences in real-time

    Tap into international speakers

    Drive brand interaction

    Digital Event Production

    Leverage data-driven and brand-enhancing digital events to drive engagement.

    The steps we take to deliver an exceptional digital event that exceeds your expectations

    Relationships with leading institutions and technology partners

    Frequently Asked Questions About Digital Events

    Virtual and hybrid events provide organizers with the opportunity to connect with speakers and attendees around the world.

    A virtual event, uses an event broadcasting platform or social media, to provide a scalable solution to reach audiences, in a purely digital space.

    A hybrid event, uses the same event broadcasting platform or social media, however, physical attendees also participate in person within a venue or studio environment, in addition to those who are joining online.

    Virtual event broadcasting, can be either live-broadcast or pre-recorded, depending on the project.

    Launch provides a production crew to film your event live. This broadcast quality content can be streamed live to a chosen platform or can be programmed for broadcast at a later date.

    A virtual event platform, when integrated with event registration software, provides organizers with event data intelligence, such as attendance and reporting, to measure the engagement of your attendees.

    Planning an event requires a deep understanding of your organization's objectives and a selection of a proven production partner to deliver a successful event.

    You need insight into both your existing and target audiences, their behaviour, and the digital channel selected for broadcast. Choosing the right online platform for hosting your event should align with your goals for reach and engagement.

    Choosing a partner who understands virtual event production, IT integration and marketing is essential, to ensure you deploy the most suitable technology. The development of a robust event marketing strategy, insight-driven programme or content and clearly defined project plan is essential.

    Lastly, you should consider attendee recruitment and event marketing across digital channels to promote your event.

    We understand clients require secure virtual event platforms to host and broadcast their events.

    We work directly with project teams and their IT teams to provide approved SaaS platforms, which adhere to data privacy laws.

    The decision depends on a number of factors; audience, objectives, data and budget.

    Social media provides a low-cost solution using platforms that are familiar to users. A virtual event platform provides the ability to produce a fully-branded experience.

    At Launch, we can advise you on the latest technology solutions depending on your requirements.