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    Compel Customers to Action

    Content Marketing Services that attract customers to your brand and compel them to action.

    Create meaningful and memorable digital experiences,
    and gain the loyal fanbase you’ve dreamed of.

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    Attract and secure customers for life by providing continued value.

    Businesses and customers are both on paths of change, discovery and innovation.

    Empower your audience, by showing you understand their personalized needs, with content production that connects and creates a dialogue.

    Launch produces content marketing strategies that integrate across social media, email marketing and search engine optimization campaigns, to emphasize your brand’s value through creativity and purpose to build trust.

    Create valuable content and you will:

    Increase engagement across the funnel

    Drive growth

    Become a thought leader within your industry

    Here’s what happened when we partnered with Time Trader:

    Personal Page Community

    Business Page Community

    “The guys just got it. We’ve seen growth across our community and increased engagement.”

    Arron Honzik
    Managing Director, Time Trader


    Engagement Growth

    Integrated digital experiences
    that energize the future
    of your brand.

    Build relationships with your customers with compelling digital content production.

    Video Production and Commercial Photography

    Shoot the new project, produce bold video, create animated explainer videos, write and produce brand films, and film your live-events.

    Custom Infographics and Illustration

    Simplify your most complex ideas and communicate concisely with unique and unmistakable visual language.

    Blog Copywriting and Design

    Short and long-form articles written in your tone of voice and published online for you.

    Email Copywriting and Design

    Capture the attention of your clients with comprehensive email campaigns. Develop concise copy, stunning design, and seamless HTML coding.

    How we use content marketing to
    elevate your brand and fill your funnel:

    Relationships with leading institutions and technology partners

    Frequently Asked Questions
    About Content Marketing

    At Launch we don’t just write blog copy; we use our expertise to transform an idea into clicks, brand awareness and of course action.

    We craft your content strategy into tangible assets and experiences which transform your business in the digital and physical world.

    We make sure your brand is constantly evolving on another level by identifying what your users respond to the most and developing highly-effective and fitting photography, infographics, videography, a successful content marketing strategy for E-commerce and creative scripts.

    Our method consists of producing premium content that amplifies your presence and your customers’ lifetime value. By adding our drone technology, live video as well as online video marketing, commercial photography services and product photography services, we guarantee you more powerful campaigns and a memorable experience.

    A content audit is a process we follow to evaluate your digital content; online, brand, social media, web and paid media. Our audit allows us to align your content strategy and production with your business objectives and key messaging. We highlight opportunities for the development of new content and discover ways to repurpose existing assets, to create additional value.

    At the start of our partnership, we work with you to develop the content audit, focusing on the areas that best define how you utilize content and how your audience consumes it. We develop integrated strategies that allow us to deploy your assets across a number of platforms and channels.

    The goal of a content marketing strategy is to create a plan, which guides the use, production and release of engaging and purposeful content, that elevates brand awareness, customer engagement and brand loyalty.

    Content marketing, with its different formats, can be utilized by all businesses to build strong relationships with audiences. At Launch, we make sure that the tools we use correlate with your business and reflect the best possible results with our multimedia marketing services.

    Content marketing for an E-commerce website, can amplify the brand, drive traffic and increase conversions and sales, by increasing customer interest. Building strong relationships through your content, can ensure your E-commerce website is the first choice for customers seeking your products or services.

    At Launch, we always focus on creating highly effective and valuable content. Our customers' requirements are always our top priority.
    Send a proposal to know more about our budget friendly multimedia marketing services.

    Long-form blogs usually consist of lengthy text, from 1500 words to 2000 words and over. A detailed blog is usually written to strengthen your SEO advantage over other written work or communicate your insight for a specific topic. Short-term blogs are much shorter and straight-to-the-point, ranging from 300 words to just above 1000 words. Short-term blogs are usually written to grab attention and help circulate brand awareness to more and more users.

    Infographics are visual representations of data and information to help your customers process information in a simple and visual way. The use of infographics improves cognition through observing trends and patterns that represent knowledge and information.

    Product photography uses professional photos of a product, for commercial purposes, to highlight product design, features and attributes to your customers. Product photography is essential for E-commerce to show buyers the details of the product they are viewing.

    There are many types of product photography that can showcase your product, and create appeal to your customers. Some examples of product photography include individual shots, scale shots, group shots, detailed macro shots, lifestyle shots and packaging shots.

    We offer commercial photography, product photography, E-commerce photography, interior photography, landscape photography, architectural photography, portrait photography, food photography, fashion photography and drone photography.

    At Launch, we offer drone photography to allow clients to take vast outdoor shots. This technology enables the production of dynamic and creative video content for your brand.
    Send a proposal today to checkout our multimedia marketing services.