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    Take control of your brand’s creative positioning and
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    Align your brand strategy
    and business strategy to create opportunities for growth.

    Your brand purpose must be powerful enough to overcome the challenges of the future economy.

    We create bold and inspiring brands for progressive organizations who seek to disrupt their category or industry.

    As creative partners, we craft your brand strategy into tangible assets and experiences which transform your business in the digital and physical world.

    With brand-enhancing strategy and creative deployed across your customer journey, you will:

    Create meaningful and memorable brand experiences

    Increase brand value, conversion and revenue

    Become distinctive within your industry

    Here’s what happened when we partnered with Nook:

    Project sales within 6 months

    “Launch helped us create a minimalist yet informative design system. They understood our vision completely and provided us with a creative direction that we can be proud of!”

    Sherie-Lauren Honour
    General Manager, Nook Middle East

    Corporate branding strategy services and brand identity for category leading organizations.

    Unlock the power of your brand across every touchpoint and create value for your stakeholders.


    Define your business strategy by developing your:

    Corporate Branding Strategy

    Through brand workshops, research and stakeholder interactive sessions, we develop a deep understanding of your organization.

    Define your business strategy, by developing your brand purpose, brand values, and personality to achieve consistency across brand identity, communication, digital and physical brand.

    Brand Identity

    Create a bold, memorable and differentiated brand identity, built on a solid foundation of brand strategy, category analysis and personas.

    Deploy a suite of visual assets, such as logo design, photography, typography and design systems. Capitalize on non-visual assets such as tone-of-voice and key messaging. All working within a well crafted brand architecture.

    Brand Guardianship

    Avoid the costly dilution of your brand’s value. Once we know your brand, we guide and consult on brand enhancing decisions to drive brand integrity and customer loyalty.

    Create a bold, memorable and differentiated brand identity.

    Built on a solid foundation of brand strategy, category analysis and personas.

    Brand Identity

    Create and deploy a suite of visual assets, such as logo design, photography, typography and design systems.

    Brand Naming

    Create a unique and memorable brand name, with our brand naming service, and communicate your ambition.

    Tone of Voice Guidelines

    Developing authentic and consistent mission, vision and values contributes to the increase of revenue.

    Brand Guidelines and Visual Assets

    Make sure you have common communication protocols to drive the consistent representation of your brand.

    Digital design services that beautifully craft every asset.

    Transform your digital design into a strong visual language.

    Social Media & Banner Ads

    Creative static and video content for your social media campaigns.

    Blog Design

    Short and long-form articles written in your tone of voice and published online for you.

    Email Design

    Capture the attention of your clients with your comprehensive email campaigns, with concise copy, stunning design, and seamless HTML coding.

    Here’s what happened when we partnered with Frontier:

    brand identities developed as a branded house

    brand assets created

    “Our branding concept from Launch was executed perfectly. The team was very responsive and flexible with our requests.”

    Yash Chhabra
    Head of Marketing and Category Management, Frontier

    The steps we take to make your branding and marketing
    more meaningful and memorable

    Relationships with leading institutions and technology partners

    Frequently Asked Questions About Branding

    When creating a brand strategy, we seek to define what your brand stands for and the personality it conveys. A Launch brand strategy includes in-depth market analysis, competitive positioning and creative direction providing all the touchpoints required for your brand.

    As a branding and design agency, Launch enables you to develop a bold, recognizable and differentiated brand. Our process of developing your brand, focuses on your long-term business goals and the assets required to achieve them.

    Launch’s creative audit is an essential step in the methodology of our brand development strategy. Our team will analyze your current presence in the online world, identify the opportunities for development and growth, by creating a fresh brand experience which communicates your brand ambition. Deliverables include brand audit, positioning and launch plan. Following the audit and evaluation, working with you, we deploy our brand strategists and creative team.

    A brand guideline is essentially an instruction manual on how to communicate your brand with your audience and utilize your brand elements. Brand guidelines or style guides present all the visual details, layout and applications of the brand.

    In addition to visual brand guidelines, documents such as tone-of-voice guidelines include important notes about the company`s voice, tone and messaging. These comprehensive guidance documents enable you to achieve a consistent brand identity, providing a strong foundation for the brand, from which to build brand awareness and brand recognition. A consistent brand creates a professional and consistent positioning for the brand both internally and externally.

    A brand archetype is like a personality for your business. This archetype dictates how your brand communicates, allowing the brand to be more relatable and identifiable for your audience. Brand archetypes present the values, behaviour and messaging of your business, which ensure your brand is distinguishable. A consistent archetype builds credibility throughout your brand’s development journey.

    Core elements of branding are: brand logo or branding logo, colour, composition, iconography, illustration, motion graphics, photography, brand tone of voice, typography, brand messaging, and illustration design. These elements form a series of assets or brand elements which include: brand identity, brand image, brand positioning, brand personality, brand equity, brand experience, brand differentiation, brand communication, brand gap and brand extension.

    Creative design services combine the domains of graphic communication and creative production. Graphic communication is a visualization of ideas and objectives, creating visual assets and the essence of your brand image. Creative production, on the other hand, is more strategic, combining graphic design with medium and medial channels. It communicates your brand identity across a series of products and outputs.