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    From Poor Online Presence to Luxury Brand Thought Leader

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    The Results

    Personal Page Community Growth
    Business Page Community Growth
    Engagement Growth


    Our audit found Time Trader did not have a clear brand identity on LinkedIn. Our content team’s analysis uncovered a number of challenges and opportunities, which formed a foundation for a thorough content strategy to create value. Time Trader objectives were; engaging content that speaks directly to a luxury target audience, increased content visibility, and increased brand recognition.

    The Solution

    We created a refreshed content strategy, connecting directly to the target audience profiles we developed and the community that we built. We developed valuable ever-lasting content and timely on-trend content, covering the most important industry events, such as Watches and Wonders 2021, a trade show for the international luxury watch industry. Finally, our product related content, informs the audience of the latest in-stock pieces. Our varied content themes aimed to engage, entertain, and educate the audience, positioning Time Trader as a thought leader in the space and achieving its business objectives.

    The Results

    Within three months, we helped Time Trader become a destination for the luxury watch lovers. We established brand authority for Time Trader in the industry with relevant audiences in the UK. Within three months, we increased traffic rates on the LinkedIn company page, growing the engagement rate by 3.22x, and achieving brand inquiries as prospects started to engage with the brand.

    – Coverage of on-trend Industry Events
    – Long Form Blogs
    – Product Related Content

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