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    Building a Fresh Website and User Experience for the Spanish Business Council

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    The Results

    Increase in backlinks
    Increase in Authority Score


    When the Spanish Business Council collaborated with Launch, the organization had outgrown their existing site. The asset no longer conveyed their brand identity, lacked security and provided a poor user experience for visitors. We were tasked with auditing the customer journey to improve the user experience.

    The Solution

    After recognizing all the gaps and the points that the previous website lacked, we started working on identifying what can best work for the SBC’s new website. Our team started rethinking the messaging throughout the website and how to convey it.
    After noticing the areas in which SBC lacked in terms of user experience, we came up with a plan to not only eliminate all the issues but also to provide the best solutions possible. The goal was to enhance user experience by improving all the aspects that a user would deal with while using the website and we did exactly that.

    The Results

    After launching the new website, a significant increase in speed and performance was seen along with a much enhanced user experience which resulted in higher traffic rates. The new Spanish Business Council website had a clear messaging that guided the customers through the different sites. Moreover, features implemented were seen as user-friendly when used across different devices and this responsiveness encouraged customers to interact more with the website leading to higher session rates.