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    Increasing Sales and Building Brand Credibility for Nook Through a New Design System

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    The Results

    Project sales within 6 months


    Experiencing an inconsistent brand look and feel, Nook needed a new design system to position them as a contemporary, design-led business. The creative direction was required to effectively communicate Nook’s bespoke designs and value proposition to their customers. It was very crucial that Launch create a brand-identity which represents the brand’s unique identity and differentiation.

    The Solution

    We evolved Nook’s brand, by supplementing the current assets with a new design system and developed a series of sales resources. To differentiate the brand from its competitors, we studied the market and defined the target audience, to position Nook as a contemporary design manufacturer, using natural tones which reflected the brand’s sustainability values. We reflected the Nook’s unique selling point and brand value within the new brand design system.

    The Results

    The new brand identity extended to visual colour palettes, typography, and layouts, conveying Nook’s offering and uniqueness within the market, while building an emotional connection with the brand and positioning Nook as a design-led business. In addition to standing out amongst their competitors with their new identity, the new branding led to a noticeable increase in monthly orders and sales as the company achieved credibility and higher rates of brand recognition amongst its audience.

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