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Launching the World's First Art Installation on the Moon

We’ve been selected as digital event production partner for scheduled space mission.

Launch is going to the moon

In a world-first, a consortium of Spacebit, Astrobotic, NASA and UAE company Selenian will send a lander to the lunar surface, carrying the world’s first lunar art installation, created by renowned artist Sacha Jafri.

Our team will launch the painting titled ‘We Rise Together, By Moonlight”, created by Dubai-based Jafri, during a press conference this week at Expo2020. The space mission, scheduled for later this year, is backed by Jeff Bezos.

Five NFTs will be created to commemorate each stage of the mission.

The hybrid event will be live streamed by Launch, so a global digital audience can witness the unveiling of the artwork live online.

Read more about the press release here.

Digital Event Production

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